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What You'll Learn

Succession Planning: Why It Matters 

Shield your school from risk by making an annual succession plan to review a priority.  Careful planning of job responsibilities and crisis management procedures will be reassuring should the unexpected happen. Both the board and school leadership transition plans will be reviewed.

Performance Review Process 

Developing a unified team between the Board and school leadership is vitally important to the health of the school. Clear communication and strong development/support systems for school leadership are paramount. Walkthrough the review process from setting school goals, utilizing board dashboards to incorporating milestone checks. This session will discuss the potential 360 and development plan to provide a comprehensive process. 

Why Developing a Board Liaison Role is Valuable


Maintaining board information and delivering information in a timely manner is essential to gaining optimal board outcomes. Learn strategies for creating a board liaison role to improve compliance and board engagement.

Crisis Management and Communication

Our guest expert, Michelle Lawless of Media Minefield, will guide us through the tenets of developing a communications plan. Jim Martin, Martin Law Firm LLC, will also provide important context to be mindful of legal compliance issues. Karen Klinzing also provides insight from a school leader perspective managing messaging and data privacy. 

Understanding Student Data - MCA

Learn more about the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment to understand your school’s academic performance. Collaborate with school leadership to design tools to best oversee school outcomes.  Student Data Expert, Dan Wick, from EdOps and Karen Klinzing, former Assistant Deputy Commissioner of MN Department of Education team up to deliver what should be most important to board members.

Understanding Student Data - NWEA MAP

Understanding student progress and growth is one reason why school leaders use NWEA MAP. This nationally normed test offers an abundance of information. Partner with your school leadership team to optimally utilize this resource to improve board knowledge and oversight.  Experts Dan Wick and Karen Klinzing impart foundational information to guide and improve board proficiency.

What School Boards Should Understand About Special Education

Emily Cooley, Executive Director of Creatively Focused, and Karen Klinzing, Education and Policy Consultant at CharterSource,  will walk us through the core issues of providing special education services. Understand the importance of training and developing teachers, optimizing Multi-tiered Systems of Support, and effectively managing the financial aspects of a Special Education program. Boards need to understand that Special Education can be a school board’s most vulnerable risk area in terms of legal, financial, compliance, and governance risk factors.   

Managing Grievances Efficiently and Effectively

Are you certain you have safeguards in place to most effectively manage grievances from employees? Are protocols in place to navigate student grievances including specific stipulations for Special Education and Title IX? Learn from our experts, Jim Martin of Martin Law and Emily Cooley, Executive Director of Creatively Focused, and understand what boards and leadership should know regarding mitigating risk for the organization.

Authorizer Panel: Proactive Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Learn about common missteps of charter school oversight. Our panelists of authorizers will share their observations of lessons learned and suggested best practices.  From policy review suggestions to onboarding practices for new board members, this session will provide useful insights to adopt as an organization. 

Teacher Licensure Update (3.23.21)

Learn more about Minnesota Teacher Licensing with our guest, Josh Crosson, Executive Director of EdAllies.  Josh will share how current potential legislation will impact our teachers of color and all those who aspire to serve.  To build high-quality options for Minnesota kids, learn how you can support this evolving issue. 

You're New Board Chair-Elect, Now What?

The board chair plays an invaluable role in ensuring board stability, engagement, organization, culture, and fulfillment of the school’s mission. We provide an overview of key responsibilities: understanding board operations; employing best meeting management practices, building board culture, and managing crises. Learn more about how you can launch your first year with confidence. 

Board Engagement - A Stanford Study 

Question often asked is how to increase board engagement. This is a common issue facing many boards. Learn from a Stanford Study of over 900 board members and leaders. Explore strategies to encourage and improve participation for effective oversight.

Training Curriculum

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    Board Infrastructure Series

    • Leadership Performance Review

    • QUIZ: Leadership Performance Review

    • Succession Planning: Why It Matters

    • QUIZ: Succession Planning: Why It Matters

    • Crisis Management and Communication

    • QUIZ: Crisis Management and Communication

    • Understanding Student Data - MCA

    • QUIZ: Understanding Student Data - MCA

    • Understanding Student Data - NWEA MAP

    • QUIZ: Understanding Student Data - NWEA MAP

    • What School Boards Should Know About Special Education

    • QUIZ: What School Boards Should Know About Special Education

    • Authorizer Panel: Proactive Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls

    • QUIZ: Authorizer Panel: Proactive Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls

    • Teacher Licensure Update (3.23.21)

    • QUIZ: Teacher Licensure Update (3.23.21)

    • You're New Board Chair Elect, Now What?

    • QUIZ: You're New Board Chair Elect, Now What?

    • Board Engagement - A Stanford Study

    • QUIZ: Board Engagement - A Stanford Study

  • 2

    Helpful Tools + Resources

    • School Goals Framework

    • Performance Review Template

    • Director Succession Plan Template

    • Authorizer Panel: Summary of Participant Question

    • EdAllies Overview of Teacher Licensure Update


Executive Director of Services, Media Minefield

Michelle Lawless

Michelle is a public relations specialist with background in TV news and traditional public relations. She is the Executive Director of Media Minefield and also earned media and messaging specialist in crisis communication. Guidance for schools is an area of focus at Media Minefield.

Education Leadership & Policy Consultant , CharterSource

Karen Klinzing

Karen has been engaged in Minnesota charter schools from various perspectives over the last 20 years. Karen provides a school leader and organizational perspective as well as her policy and advocacy experience as a state legislator. She also served as the Assistant/Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education.

Performance Data Specialist, EdOps

Dan Wick

Dan Wick, Performance Data Specialist for EdOps, works with multiple charter schools from Washington DC, New York to New Orleans. Prior to joining EdOps, he was a Former Harvard Strategic Data Project Fellow with New Haven Public Schools working with principals to identify at-risk students. And as an Education Pioneers Summer Fellow he was on the Uncommon Schools Data Analytics Team. Dan hails from Minnesota earning a degree from St. Olaf and a Masters in Public Affairs from the Princeton Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs.


Executive Director, Creatively Focused

Emily Cooley

Emily is the Executive Director for Creatively Focused which provides the strategies, skills, and tools to do this critical work of supporting Special education in our schools. Emily’s experience has resided in urban, suburban, and rural school settings from St. Croix River Education District, Wayzata Public Schools, and Minneapolis Academy. She has worked to improve outcomes for students in the areas of special education, unique learners, and mental health. Her key areas of expertise include multi-tiered systems of support, co-teaching, team dynamics, and systems change.

Founding Partner, Bloomwell Group

Lyman Millard

Lyman is a Founding Partner at Bloomwell Group specializing in working with schools to increase their impact by improving the way they tell their story, engage with their stakeholders and connect with new audiences. In addition, as founding team member of Citizens Academy, Lyman helped scale Citizens into a high-quality network. He also served as Vice President of Communications at Breakthrough and Development Officer at El Barrio building the foundational skills to support marketing and fundraising efforts.

Director, Innovative Quality Schools

Laurie Schroeder

Laurie is the Director for Innovative Quality Schools, a single-purpose authorizer in Minnesota that supports around 35 schools throughout the state. Laurie's educational experience includes teacher and leadership roles at urban, suburban, and rural districts as well as traditional public, private, and charter school settings. Areas of focus include the curriculum development resulting in high-quality core instruction and intervention programming for both students not yet at grade level and those considered gifted. Laurie embraces a growth mindset and celebrates the innovative approaches represented in the work of charter schools.


Executive Director, EdAllies

Josh Crosson

As executive director, Josh sets the direction for the organization’s work to ensure that all Minnesota students, especially those most underserved, have access to a great education. He previously worked in D.C., where he transformed his passion for public policy into a fulfilling vocation, or, as his friends put it, made a living out of doing something “activisty”—first at the Human Rights Campaign and later on Capitol Hill. At HRC, Josh spearheaded student outreach operations and expanded the organization’s mission to incorporate LGBT students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He then spent four years writing legislation and advising his hometown congressman, Rep. Adam Smith (WA-9), on labor, health, budget, and tax issues. When he’s not working for Minnesota’s kids or spending time with his partner, Jon, and their dog, Jujubee, in their North Minneapolis home, Josh operates an adult LGBT sports league that benefits local charities throughout the Twin Cities.