What is the Charter School Board Basics Series?

In order for the board to perform its essential duties of supporting student excellence, ensuring operational soundness and building and maintaining public confidence, board members are required by the State of Minnesota to complete board training.

The targeted areas are: board governance, the board’s role and responsibilities, employment policies and practices and financial management. Required training must begin within six months of being seated and completed within 12 months of being seated on the board. (The Financial training component must be completed within 6 months of being seated.)

Because we understand the complexity of charter school oversight, we have created a series to accommodate the content mandated for Minnesota board members.

What's Included?

  • 6 Videos

  • 4 PDFs

  • 3.5 hrs

Training Curriculum

Know What's Included

  • 1
    Board Basics Series
    • New Board Member Basics
    • Practices of High Performing Boards
    • Top Pitfalls of Open Meeting Laws
    • Charter School Budget Basics
    • Charter School Employment Law
    • Webinar Understanding Student Date - NWEA-MAP
    • Webinar: Understanding Student Data - MCA
  • 2
    Helpful Tools + Resources
    • Board Calendar
    • Finance Committee Charter
    • Governance Committee Charter
    • Board Goals Template

What You'll Learn

Learn from our local area experts on the following topics:

Charter School Employment Law

Gain an understanding of the board member's role in oversight regarding key areas of employment law. Learn about at-will employment practices as well as understanding the laws regarding employment and student data practices.  Jim Martin, a leading charter school attorney at Booth Law, will also guide you through areas of concern such as  discrimination, retaliation and whistle blower protection.

Charter School Budget Basics

Presented by Scott Brown and Kyle Knudsen of The Anton Group, learn the fundamentals of charter school finance. Gain an understanding of revenue streams and your responsibilities as board members to  collaboratively develop, review and properly oversee your charter school budget. 

New Board Member Basics

For individuals new to board service or charter schools, this will outline the key roles and responsibilities encapsulating fiduciary, strategic and generative aspects. Learn about key elements of practice from setting meeting norms, meeting quorum and the basics of being an effective board member. 

Practices of High Performing Boards

High performing boards are adept at partnering with school leadership as well as setting the necessary milestones to drive the organization forward. Equally as important is ensuring the board is holding themselves accountable to their work. From building an effective board calendar to assessing progress and feedback, learn more about best practices of governance principles.  

Top Pitfalls of Open Meeting Law: What Your Charter School Board Needs to Know

Learn from charter school attorney, John Cairns, who helped originate the charter school movement in our country. Gain an understanding of what your board needs to know about Open Meeting Law. From the basic understanding and purpose of the law to typical misconceptions of Open Meeting Law, John will share a few case studies to provide further clarity. 

Meet Beth Finch

CharterSource Founder and Instructor

  • Beth Finch

    CharterSource Founder

    Beth Finch

    Beth Finch, Founder, CharterSource As a founder of Lake Country Academy in Wisconsin, Beth focus areas were: development, marketing, facilities and student recruitment. She also served 5 years as Board Chair KIPP Minnesota, part of the KIPP network of over 200 schools nationally. With over 15 years of board management experience, Beth provides boards with the foundational frameworks and systems to govern efficiently.
  • Dick  Ward

    Senior Vice President, Dougherty & Company

    Dick Ward

    Dick has 28 years of experience in bond issuance and finance as an investment banker and financial advisor. He also under wrote one of the first tax exempt bonds in the country - Community of Peace Academy. He is a regular participant in charter sector support both locally and nationally - often called upon to present for the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and Bond Buyer Seminars.
  • John Cairns

    Partner, John Cairns Law, P.A.

    John Cairns

    John has 40+ years of legal experience, specializing in educational tax exempt organizations. He was instrumental in the founding of the charter school sector. His board service experience includes: Twin Cities Citizen League, Minnesota Business Partnership and also served as the Executive Director of the Minneapolis City Council.
  • Scott Brown

    Director of Operations, The Anton Group

    Scott Brown

    Scott has worked as the Controller of several large public school districts and charter schools. He has 10+ years experience in school finance. He is an Active Certified Public Accountant and licensed Member of: MNCPA, AICPA, MASBO. He also served as Board Chair of the Minnesota Lupus Foundation.